Dates / Times

Monday 1st. May - Public Holiday

Thursday 4th. May - Norfolk County Council Election

Wednesday 19th. May - Full Moon

Tuesday 23rd. May - Parish Council starting at 19.30 in the Village Hall.

Thursday 25th. May - New Moon

Monday 29th. May - Public Holiday

Monday 29th. May to Friday 2nd. June - School Half-term


Bank Holiday Refuse Collections

                                            Usual Day                                    Revised Day

  May Day

 Black Bin                       Monday 1st. May                           Tuesday 2nd. May

 Green Bin                      Monday 8th. May as normal.


Bank Holiday Village Store Opening

Monday 1st. May - 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Dogs on the Beach

From 1st. May until 30th. September dogs* are not allowed on certain parts of Palling beach.  The area concerned runs from the LEFT of the ramp next to the Lifeboat Station (as you look out to sea) for about 520 metres to the second crossover onto The Marrams.   Dogs are also required to be on a lead (less than 1.8 metres long) when on the ramp and the crossovers to the beach.   These regulations are in accordance with North Norfolk District Council's "The Dogs Exclusion, Beaches Order 2007" and "The Dogs on Leads, Beaches Order 2007".   Penalties for non-compliance range from £80 fixed penalty to up to £1000 on conviction.

Further information from Environmental Protection Team, North Norfolk District Council - telephone 01263 516085 or e--mail ep@north-norfolk.gov.uk

*Please note that the ban does not apply to registered assistance dogs.


Uniform Grants

 The Sea Palling & Waxham Community Trust is offering uniform grants (of up to £90) for those children who are starting Year 7 in September.   Grants are also available for students in Higher Education.   Only those who are resident within the Villages are eligible.

Offer closes on  Thursday 26th May.   Details and application forms are obtainable from Mrs. Pam Millsted - telephone 0692 598408.


 Village Defibrillator

The maintenance and checks are now being undertaken by the lifeboat crew, all of whom have had the appropriate training.  If there are any issues or if it has been used then please  e-mail  info@seapallinglifeboat.co.uk or contact any member of the crew.

It is situated at the Toilet Block adjacent to the ramp at the top of Beach Road.


Palling's Lifeboat

The independent lifeboat is always looking for volunteers for crewing both boat and land and / or to help with fundraising 

No previous experience necessary as full training will be given.  All we require is enthusiasm and a level of commitment.   If you are interested please contact Craig Spence, Coxswain on 01692 598487 any Thursday from 19.00 to 21.00 or Sunday from 09.00 to 12.00.    Alternatively pop along to the boathouse during these times or contact info@seapallinglifeboat.co.uk   You'll always be made welcome.

HELP REQUIRED!     Would anyone who is interested in fundraising please get in touch and help us raise money for this very necessary life-saving service.  Since we do not receive any grant from the Government nor funds from other rescue services, we have to rely on ourselves and the public's generosity to continue.  Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

The lifeboat's website is www.seapallinglifeboat.co.uk and the e-mail address is info@seapallinglifeboat.co.uk

Thanks to everyone who supports the Meat Raffle which is held in the Reefs Bar every Sunday (tickets drawn around 2 p.m.)  


Blood Donations 2017

Appointments may now be made for the Blood Service's visits to Stalham High School on:

 Tuesday 25th. July and Wednesday 23rd. August.

These may be made either on-line at www.blood.co.uk or by telephoning 0300 123 23 23.


Lead Thefts from Churches

Should you notice anything suspicious at either St John, Waxham or St Margaret of Antioch, Palling, please contact the police and then the Church Wardens on 01692 598729 or 598408



If you should spot a seal or seal pup in distress then please telephone either:

Seal & Shore Watch UK on 07498 597448

or British Divers Marine Life Rescue on 01825 765546 (until 5 p.m.) - out-of-hours / Bank Holidays / weekends on 07787 433412

or Peter Ansel, Friends of Horsey Seals, on 01493 748516

Please do not get too close and keep dogs on leads.



There are some allotments available for hire in Palling.     Annual cost is £30 for a full plot, £15 for a half and there are also a few free small ones for young people (U16).   Further information from Tony Brunning on 01692 598037 or Tim & Jane Hodge on 01493 393562.


High Tides

Booklets giving full tide tables for this area may be purchased from Sea Palling Post Office & General Store.

Below are the dates and times at which high water tides greater than 2 metres (m.),  predicted at Cromer, will reach Palling. 

It is possible that tidal surges could occur at other times if weather conditions are unfavourable. In particular, northerly winds increase the risk of flooding on the coast.  Most tidal flooding occurs when there is a tidal surge, so the timings below then become academic and are only to be used as a rough guide.

Tidal data produced using information from Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (copyright reserved).  Information from North Norfolk District Council - telephone 01263 516172 or e-mail emerg-planning@north-norfolk.gov.uk

Times are for Palling (Waxham please add one minute)   All times BST.


 April 2017   m.   m.
 Saturday 1st.  10.39   2.13   22.55  2.27 
 Sunday 9th.               18.52   2.04
 Monday 10th.      19.29  2.16
 Tuesday 11th.  07.54  2.06  20.05  2.21
 Wednesday 12th.  08.25  2.10  20.40  2.19
 Thursday 13th.  08.58  2.09  21.13  2.10
 Friday 14th.   09.28  2.04    
 Tuesday 25th.  06.48  2.04  18.49  2.25
 Wednesday 26th.  07.29  2.25  19.33  2.46
 Thursday 27th.  08.11  2.37  20.19  2.57
 Friday 28th.  08.54  2.40  21.07  2.56
 Saturday 29th.   09.37  2.35  21.57  2.43
 Sunday 30th.  10.20  2.21  22.49  2.20



 May 2017   m.   m.
 Monday 1st.  11.07  2.00      
 Wednesday 10th.      19.42   2.01 
 Thursday 11th.  07.59   2.04   20.19  2.00
 Friday 12th.  08.32  2.06      
 Saturday 13th.   09.04  2.04    
 Wednesday 24th.  06.19  2.01  18.22  2.23
 Thursday 25th.  07.04  2.21  19.13  2.41
 Friday 26th.   07.49  2.35  20.05  2.50
 Saturday 27th.   08.34  2.40  20.57  2.48
 Sunday 28th.  09.19  2.38  21.49  2.36
 Monday 29th.  10.04  2.29  22.42  2.15
 Tuesday 30th.  10.51  2.13    



 June 2017   m.   m.
 Saturday 10th.  08.10   2.03     
 Sunday 11th.  08.42  2.04    
 Monday 12th.  09.13  2.02    
 Thursday 22nd.      18.05   2.14 
 Friday 23rd.   06.44  2.13  19.01  2.30
 Saturday 24th.  07.32  2.30  19.55  2.39
 Sunday 25th.  08.19  2.40  20.48  2.40
 Monday 26th.  09.04  2.43  21.39  2.31
 Tuesday 27th.  09.49  2.39  22.29  2.14
 Wednesday 28th.   10.34  2.28    
 Thursday 29th.  11.21  2.11    



Flood Precautions

As Palling & Waxham no longer have sirens everyone should be registered with the Environment Agency for warnings   You can sgin up (or amend your details) by telephoning 0345 988 1188 or on-line at https:www.gov.uk/sign-up-for-flood-warnings